I promise I’ll help!

For the last five years, my children have been begging and pleading for a dog.  After side stepping the issue through purchasing many other pets like fish, sea monkeys and hamsters (most of you know how badly that ended), the parental armor broke down.  We researched finding the best breeds for our family, because three out of four of us have severe allergies.   We had talks with our children explaining the responsibility and work a dog would add to their list of chores.  Everyone was on board with how this would change our family.   Both girls committed to help with feeding, walking and so on.

So, on Mother’s Day weekend, my husband surprised the entire Kantor clan with bringing home a puppy.  The girls chose the name Buddy.  Buddy is a schnoodle.  That’s half schnauzer and half poodle.  He’s a great dog (and I’m not just being a proud pet owner here).  Obedient and smart, we can’t image how we ever lived without him.  He is truly a member of our family.

Now, two months later our two little pet sitters that were full of promises, are not quite as eager to assist with the chores that come along with dog ownership.  After the whining, “But I took him out last time” comes some threat of a reduction in allowance and the task eventually gets accomplished.  It made me realize that even as well as I tried to explain things, maybe they just didn’t understand the extent of the work involved until it became their own responsibility. 

The same can be said for taking on a new position.  Do we always fully understand what we are getting ourselves into?  Always try to understand the responsibilities of a job, before you take it.  Ask questions.  If there is a task you may be hesitant about or not prepared for, find out how often it will be required.  Another option is to research your training options to see if you can brush up on those skills.  See if there is an opportunity to shadow someone in the role or even take a tour of the department of unit.  All of these things can help provide the insight you need, before you make the commitment.