The Patient Care Story Needs You

Find your allied health career at the nation’s top healthcare employer.

Your expertise as an allied health professional completes the picture at HCA—assessment, care, treatment, and more. Our career support infrastructure offers a variety of resources tailored to your evolving needs. Working with our incredible team, you'll quickly develop an impactful skillset to meet the challenges in healthcare’s future.

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An Indispensable Role

We offer a comprehensive range of specialty areas for our Allied Health team:

  • Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology
    • Assess and diagnose various conditions with the latest imaging technology

  • Laboratory
    • Conduct and interpret laboratory tests to assist in diagnosis and treatment

  • Pharmacy
    • Dispense medication and advise patients on proper usage and side effects

  • Rehabilitation
    • Provide specialized therapies to help patients regain various functions

  • Respiratory
    • Identify and treat patients’ cardiopulmonary conditions

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